Distinguished Achievers Breakfast

Tuesday, August 13
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Baltimore Convention Center

Not included in any registration. Tickets are $20 per person and can be purchased online or onsite at the registration desk in the Convention Center Pratt Street Lobby. Must present ticket for entry. If you arrive late, seating and/or meal service may no longer be available.

Featured Speaker
Edward D. Horowitz
FirstNet Authority Chair

FirstNet continues to extend the benefits of the national public safety broadband network across the country. Hear directly from Ed Horowitz, Chairman of the Board, as he outlines FirstNet’s progress and efforts to enhance the network into the future.

Featured Speaker
Ajit Pai
FCC Chairman

Under Chairman Pai’s leadership, the FCC has taken significant steps to address public safety communications issues such as 9-1-1 location accuracy, emergency alerting, and network reliability and resiliency, among others. Hear directly from the Chairman as he discusses issues of direct interest to APCO members.

Keynote Presentation
Brian Billick
Fox NFL Analyst, NFL Network Contributor and Former Super Bowl-winning Head Coach, Baltimore Ravens (1999-2007)

Team Building: Building a “We” Environment in an “I” World

We live in a society in which individual achievement is the predominant measure of success. As children in school, we are graded individually. At work, our performance is evaluated individually. But in order for organizations to successfully compete, employees must work seamlessly as a team. So, how do employees of an “I” culture let go of an inherent self-interest that permeates the business culture? Perhaps lessons can be drawn from professional sports, where effective teamwork is the only way to win. After coaching collegiate and professional football teams for more than 30 years, Brian Billick is a master at building winning teams. He shares:

  • How to merge a group of “individual contractors” into a functioning team
  • His method for ensuring that a team strives toward a common goal
  • Ways to emphasize the primacy of that goal
  • How to create a “we” environment with a vision that ultimately leads to success.


  • Platinum Corporate Partners
  • CALEA Certifications
  • NCMEC Partnerships
  • APCO Registered Public-Safety Leader (RPL) Program Graduates
  • APCO Certified Public-Safety Executive (CPE) Program Graduates

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