New Products Zone

These new products in public safety communications will be showcased in the exhibit hall.

Sinclair Technologies
SI300 Series
Booth #NPZ1

Sinclair’s SI300 Series are high performance, wide-band, UHF in-building antennas. Being low profile and ground plane independent, these DAS antennas feature an inconspicuous design that blends into any environment. The UL94-V0 radome, -160 dBc Low-PIM rating and Omni-directional pattern, ensure optimal performance. This series features LSZH (low smoke and halogen free) cable which is plenum rated and the antenna is compliant with the stringent in-building fire regulations.

Models Frequency (MHz) Bandwidth (MHz)
SI300-STBL4F 380-430 50
SI300-STBLNF 380-430 50
SI300-ST3L4F 351-368 17
SI300-ST3LNF 351-368 17

Motorola Solutions
KVL 5000
Booth #NPZ2

The KVL 5000 allows programmers to generate, transport and load encryption keys, securely and efficiently into secure communication products thereby enabling secure encrypted communications. Packaged in an easy-to-use one-handed design with an intuitive UI, the KVL 5000 integrates with Motorola’s Key Management Facility (KMF) by provisioning radios to use over-the-air-rekeying (OTAR).

FirstNet Built with AT&T
FirstNet Assist App
Booth #NPZ3

The FirstNet Assist App allows extended primary users in the field to see mutual aid incidents within a 50-mile radius and request device uplift. FirstNet Uplift managers get the text request with a link for one-button approval. Granting extended primary users with priority access gives first responders the support they need when they need it.

Critical Response Group

Booth #NPZ4

911eye live streaming footage offers real time ‘on scene eyes’ to dispatchers, providing immediate insight which helps them to assess the scenario and, with caller’s exact location visible, to better select the appropriate response to the incident while at all times considering the safety of responders and the public.


AccessMyLAN from AT&T
Booth #NPZ5

AccessMyLAN from AT&T is a FirstNet Certified mobility service that provides visibility, security and control of mobile data on all SIM-enabled AT&T and FirstNet ready devices over a private network. AML is easy to deploy with no upfront costs. Stop by booth 283 for product demonstration and prizes.

RQI Partners, LLC | An AHA and Laerdal Medical Company
Resuscitation Quality Improvement®
Booth #NPZ6

RQI® Partners, LLC, an American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical company, delivers innovative Resuscitation Quality Improvement® programs to pre-hospital, public safety and hospital organizations to accelerate our shared lifesaving mission across systems of care.

Telewave iDAS Appeal Antenna 
Booth #NPZ7

Telewave iDAS Appeal™ is an ultra-thin form factor, low PIM (-150dBc) antenna designed for public safety and broadband in-building distributed antenna applications. While covering Public Safety UHF band, 700/800/900 MHz bands including FirstNet, traditional LTE, WLAN (2.4GHz), it also supports emerging CBRS band 3.5GHz. iDAS Appeal™ is military grade (MIL STD 810-G) compliant, ideal for buildings adhering to Public Safety regulations.


Telewave HP Series Antennas
VHF: 150MHz, UHF: 450MHz, and 7/8/900 bands Including FirstNet
Booth #NPZ8

Telewave HP Series is Telewave’s new flag ship High Performance Low PIM rated antennas (-150dBc), supporting VHF (150MHz), UHF (450 MHz), and 7/8/900 bands, including FirstNet. These high quality omni-directional antennas have a flat gain over their frequency of operation and are offered in 0dBd, 3dBd, and 6 dBd. Designed for harshest outdoor environment by adhering to MIL STD 810-G. Suitable for wide range of outdoor applications including public safety.

Trilogy Communications
AirCell® RediComm™
Booth #NPZ9

AirCell® RediComm™ High Temperature (HT) Plenum Cable is the first RF coaxial cable to be test certified with 3M™ E-Mat to conform to UL 2196 for emergency responder eradio communication system (ERRCS). Trilogy’s High Temperature Plenum (CMP Listed) cable survives three times longer when compared to standard plenum coaxial cables.

PE Series Power Enclosures Conform to UL Standard 2524
Booth #NPZ10

PE series power enclosures will conform to UL 2524 and provide NFPA 72 compliant battery back-up power for public safety/BDA in-building coverage. Prewired for easy install and housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure with all required monitoring alarms and indicators. Available in 12, 24 and 48VDC, 12-100AH configurations. Batteries included.

Booth #NPZ11

AGENT511’s TEXTBLUE cloud software platform  delivers automated language translation, text, pictures, videos, and artificial intelligence workflows including major incident management, independent of legacy infrastructure. It expands situational awareness, community reach and helps resolve incidents faster. We’re pleased to demonstrate next-generation capabilities ready today.

Note: “New” is defined as having been released or substantially revised between September 2018 and August 2019